Did Pelosi get the impeachment inquiry right?

CNN: Pelosi gives Republicans what they wanted, and Trump may not thank her

Pelosi gave Republicans what they wanted by formally starting the impeachment inquiry and putting the House on the record. However, it will force Republicans to face the question: Did Trump abuse his power? Until now, they could complain about the lack of transparency and due process. More testimonies are to come now.
However, Republicans are celebrating Pelosi’s decision, as her succumbing to pressure.

Fox News: Newt Gingrich: Pelosi announces Trump impeachment inquiry vote – Here’s what I am on the lookout for now

Graham has written a powerful resolution which will prevent the House from impeaching Trump without meeting a “key standard of fairness” and asks to initiate a formal impeachment inquiry. Pelosi succumbed to the pressure and announced a vote, because Republicans were not cooperating.

Middle Ground:

It is far-fetched to say that Pelosi succumbed to Graham’s pressure. It is more likely that the most recent turn of events (Taylor) gave her confidence to initiate impeachment vote.

3 months ago
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