Does Baghdadi's death make our decision to pull out of Syria any better?

FOX NEWS: Al-Baghdadi takedown catches Dems flat-footed, blunts criticism of Trump’s Syria pullback

According to Fox News, the fact that Trump was successful in an operation to kill the leader of ISIS, al-Baghdadi, blunts Democratic criticism of his decision to pull out of Syria and shuts down those who were saying that Trump had no real plan in Syria, following US troops withdrawal. They point out that, hours before Trump would announce the capture of al-Baghdadi, NBC ran a sketch saying that he created jobs for ISIS. According to Greenwald: “They want to be patriotic and anti-ISIS, but also need a way to malign Trump without contradicting their gushing Obama praise over [Usama bin Laden]: not an easy balancing act. Good luck!” The Dems decided to praise the troops, giving no credit to Trump.

CNN: ‘Ideology does not die with Baghdadi’: For US law enforcement, ISIS threat remains

For CNN, al-Baghdadi might be dead, but his ideology has not died, and ISIS threat persists, with the possibility of coordinated attacks on the US soil: “ISIS is not defeated,” said Brett McGurk, the former US envoy for the anti-ISIS coalition, who resigned in December following Trump’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria after announcing the terrorist group’s demise".


Trump deserves credit for al-Baghdadi’s elimination, the same as Obama deserved credit for Bin Laden’s elimination. However, the main reason why Trump was criticized over his Syria decision, had nothing to do with ISIS. It had to do with us betraying our allies, coming across as not trustworthy and leaving the leverage to Russia.
Similarly, whereas it is an exaggeration to expect attacks on US soil, it is true that ISIS ideology has not died with al-Baghdadi. Nevertheless, the same could be said about Bin Laden’s death.

4 months ago
FireStorm · 4 months ago

Trump’s decision to pull out and leave
the Kurds isolated was unpopular on
all sides, however, Baghdadi’s demise
is a welcome distraction from his
daily impeachment troubles and
Trump should get some credit for
ridding the World of this cruel terrorist.