Don’t buy the anti-police narrative



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@truth_hurts truth_hurts · #BothSides · 4 months ago
Don’t buy the anti-police narrative

They want you to believe the cops are all racist. In reality, their only goal and desire is to keep your community safe and go home when their tour is over. There would never be an accusation of police abuse if people didn’t choose to fight and resist them.

chazman70 · 4 months ago

I agree, agree, agree! Maybe the police departments should have tactical training ( non weapons), and some psych. testing to weed out the roughnecks (no pun intended). We need law enforcement, always, or we are doomed to chaos and vigilante groups!

truth_hurts · 4 months ago

They have months of that defensive tactics training and it continues yearly throughout their career. The also have in depth psychological testing during the hiring phase. I believe it’s a 1200 question written test followed by an interview with one or several psychologists. Not sure many occupations even come close to having the standards required to be a cop.

chazman70 · 4 months ago