Fox News: Hunter Biden zings Trump family, compares Don Jr to Prince Humperdinck vs CNN: Hunter Biden says he used 'poor judgment'





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@Fubiz Fubiz · #BothSides · 6 months ago

Hunter Biden has been in the spotlight recently, finding himself in the middle of the impeachment inquiry. His long-awaited ABC interview was published today. As expected, CNN and Fox News took different angles. Generally, one of the biggest problems with our media is cherry-picking, or using those parts which suit them, not offering the full story.
Fox News chose to place emphasis on Hunter attacking Don Jr and calling him Prince Humperdinck. However, what they forgot to say was the it was Don Jr who attacked Hunter Biden first. On top of that, one could conclude from Fox News article that attacking Trump family was all that Hunter was doing in that interview. On the other said, CNN correctly emphasized the fact that Hunter said he used a poor judgement in serving on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, and turning himself into his father’s political liability.

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