Fox News: Pelosi, Schumer whine to reporters vs CNN: Pelosi says Trump is melting down. There is lots of evidence she is right





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Still more than a year to go, but the election campaign is in full swing and a lot of us have already had enough of it (at least those of us who think of themselves as independents). Emotions running high, conspiracies, accusations, a lot of punches below the belt, even childish tantrums. We cannot say that this situation is making our democracy any better. Fox News and CNN, two archenemies, are dominant on their respective sides of divide and, unsurprisingly, often have starkly opposite views of the situation.

That is also the case with one of the biggest headlines of the week- the meeting between Trump and congressional leaders at the White House on Syrian policy. According to Fox News, Pelosi, Schumer and other “congressional whiners”, made the meeting impossible, while everything ran smoothly after their departure. They interviewed House Minority Leader McCarthy who described Trump’s letter to Erdogan as a “very strong letter”, which Pelosi refused to read. Dems were looking for a fight and ignoring the fact that Trump only wanted our troops safe and out of Syria, while, at the same time, brokering a ceasefire. The reason they behave like that is that they know they cannot win the election.

According to CNN article, Trump is really experiencing a meltdown and getting out of control. He threatened to obliterate Turkish economy in his “great and unmatched wisdom”, ordered US troops to withdraw from Syria, sent “do not be a tough guy, do not be a fool” letter to Erdogan. In a nutshell, he does not behave like a normal president would.

As it is often the case, both Fox News and CNN exaggerated. Trump’s letter to Erdogan can hardly be described as a very strong letter. It is rather childish and very strange for a president. Similarly, Trump only brokered a pause, and not a real ceasefire. Furthermore, Trump’s decision to pull out of Syria is controversial, not only because he is giving a leverage in the Middle East to Russia, but also because it makes the US look like an unreliable ally. On the other hand, it remains unclear why CNN is insisting that Trump is experiencing a meltdown just now. That is his normal behavior, he likes to shock and make himself look unthreatening by adopting his childish persona. The truth is, Trump is more dangerous and more intelligent than his adopted persona.

JacePearce · 5 months ago

It is an absolute circus. The lawyers are the only beneficiaries of this in fighting .