Hypocrisy, anyone?





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@LukeBizzare LukeBizzare · #BothSides · 8 months ago

I have been reading this article, with Hillary saying that Zuckerberg should pay the price for Facebook political ads. So I would like to ask this question: Hillary, what price would that be? More or less than 81 million, which you paid for Facebook political ads, only 3 years ago, remember? (https://techcrunch.com/2017/11/01/russian-facebook-ad-spend/)
All you can hear in our media is that Facebook political ads are destroying our democracy. But destroying the grassroots activism would equally destroy our democracy, do not you think so?

ashandkev · 8 months ago

As we have come to expect with Clinton,
she says one thing and does the other.
Highly hypocritical, bitter, twisted,
and not fit for office.

SleepyJoe · 8 months ago

If it suits them, it is fine, if it does not-it is against democracy. You should have learned it by now, my friend.

Fubiz · 8 months ago

Those who are well-established in our mainstream media, have no need for those alternative methods of exposure. That is why they are attacking Facebook, because they know that Trump is the boss in that field.

Absinthe_Mind · 8 months ago

And why do not you comment on that Russian agency which spent only 46k and reached more audience than Trump and Hillary combined? That is what I find interesting.

LukeBizzare · 8 months ago

I will leave it to the Mueller probe.