Is Kamala being true to her words or not?





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The latest war that is raging in the midst of the impeachment inquiry is Kamala-Trump war. What has happened is that Harris said she would not attend a criminal justice forum at Benedict College, because the event’s sponsor gave Trump a criminal justice reform award.

CNN: ‘My whole life I’ve fought for justice’: Kamala Harris hits back at Trump over criminal justice event

According to CNN article, Kamala decided to skip the event because Trump was receiving the award, and only because only 10 black students were to be present at the historically black college. She then announced that she would organize her own criminal justice reform event on Saturday.

Fox News: Kamala Harris flip-flops on attending criminal justice forum, after announcing boycott over Trump award

As far as Fox News is concerned, Harris is behaving weirdly and inconsistently, because she first announced she would boycott the event, and then decided to attend it, because the group that gave Trump the award was dropped as a sponsor.

Middle ground:

Harris is not being entirely inconsistent because she decided to come back only after the 20/20 Bipartisan Justice Center was removed as a sponsor of the event. She said that she would skip the criminal justice forum, which is not inconsistent with attending Saturday’s candidate forum, with the sponsor that awarded Trump dropped.

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This woman’s only concern is her own ‘self interest’.