Is Schiff losing his confidence in impeachment?





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Fox News: Liz Peek: Regretful Democrats locked into Trump impeachment – and paying a price for it

Schiff claimed that overwhelming evidence was produced against Trump and that grounds for impeaching him cannot be contested, but he also pointed out that he “wants to discuss it with his constituents and colleagues before he makes a final judgment on that”, because he wants to make sure that impeachment is what the Founding Fathers had in mind. Schiff is panicking because he is facing pressure from the public, which does not want Trump to be impeached. That is a sign that Dems will not hold an official vote to impeach.

CNN: 7 hugely important moments from Adam Schiff’s impeachment interview

CNN’s “7 hugely important moments from Schiff’s impeachment interview” do not mention Schiff’s hesitance to offer a definite question as to whether Trump should be impeached or not. They point out that he will not testify, or his decision not to wait for the big wish, because it will allow Trump to stall the inquiry, as well as his understanding of the urgency of impeachment.

Middle ground:

It is far-fetched to say that Schiff is now backing off from the impeachment because of public pressure, or because he does not believe that the evidence is overwhelming. On the contrary, he reiterated many times, throughout that interview, that he believes the evidence to be overwhelming. It could be said that he is trying to send the message of doing it all by the book, by making sure that is what the Founding Father envisioned.

magahat · 6 months ago

You still cannot deny that since the impeachment inquiry started-GOP have raised more money than ever before, while the opposite is true for the Dems. So there is something in here…