Is the impeachment needed?

I have recently read a post written by someone here who calls himself “Jimofpennsylvania”. That post was very illiterate, I’m sorry to say, so it took me an hour to read through its non-existent paragraphs and punctuation.

This is what Jim writes:

“Democrats are being outstandingly foolish and irresponsible with their plan this week to formally begin the impeachment process of President Donald Trump they now will go on the record that the House of Representatives is officially pursuing impeachment of the President. This is a terrible precedent the Democrats are pursuing here they are basically pursuing impeaching the President because he failed to do his duty for political reasons”

Uh, huh, Jim? A precedent? Have you ever heard of impeachment proceedings against Johnson and Clinton? “Because he failed to do his duty for political reasons”? Would you care to explain what that means? If the president failed to do his duty, would not it warrant impeachment?

“Most if not all Presidents make this same type of breach of duty”

Which presidents, Jim? Names and evidence?

" Secondly, the Democrats are setting the country up to split apart to fail as a nation "

It is not the Democrats who are doing that, Jim, but your own President, who sows partisanship wherever he goes. How could we possible become more divided than we already are?

“Democrats don’t have grounds for impeachment; they don’t meet the constitutional requirement of high crimes and misdemeanor”

Abusing your presidential powers for personal interest is not a misdemeanor to you, Jim?

3 months ago
JacePearce · 3 months ago

Apart from the punctuation, I agree with
most of that.
The Dems only chance of getting anywhere
near the White House, is by successfullly
impeaching Trump. Give the President
a level playing field, a bi-partizan hearing,
and let’s see what transpires?
A lot of this impeachment charge comes
directly from Schiff’s vivid imagination,
and he has a very poor track record when
it comes to transparency.