Is this a form of Voter Suppression?





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Sylvia Sharps
Candidate For Palm Beach County Commission, District 6

This press release is to inform the press and the citizens of District 6 that my website has been hacked for the second time. Considerable effort and expense have been invested in this endeavor; my website has state-of-the-art security.

A forensic analysis is being performed to determine the attack’s origin. Preliminary indications point toward a sophisticated intrusion originating from the Dark Web.

I entered this race to bring civility and transparency to our deteriorating local politics. I will not be deterred by those whose lives have been made inconvenient by my candidacy. However, the responsible party has broken federal law, punishable by up to twenty years in prison, and state law, punishable by up to five years in prison. The forensic analysis will reveal the perpetrator and only then will they begin to understand the true meaning of inconvenient.

“Upon the completion of a thorough website coding and traffic history analysis we have concluded that Sylvia Sharps website for her campaign to be elected as Palm beach County District 6 Commissioner was maliciously attacked by a professional and incognito hacker. Upon the review of the coding script for the website we have found that a code injection attack was launched on Ms. Sharps website. The perpetrator(s) was able to use the messaging forms on Ms. Sharps website to maliciously inject a type of coding that allows the perpetrator to exploit Ms.Sharps website. The messaging form that was exploited for malicious purposes is normally used for constituents to message Ms. Sharps. This website has been exploited twice. The first time was the injection of coding into Ms. Sharps website message form permitting them to remove website content and in the first instance, erase all the website content. The second instance that took place in the month of Febuary resulted in them using remote code execution by executing coding that induced faults that resulted in the improper processing of data by the wesite host, which subsequently caused Ms. Sharps website not to load it’s content and prevent those attempting to access Ms. Sharps website from accessing any part of the website. This malicious attack was coordinated, completed by a person with extensive server coding knowledge, and was blatant in all aspects by repeatedly targeting candidate Sylvia Sharps. Code injection attacks and subsequent remote injection executions are illegal and unacceptable. Ms. Sharps website will continually be monitored for further attacks and professional monitoring for unusual website activity.”

André Rajoo
Neuroscience RA

For further information please contact Pat Edmonson at (757) 675-0137 or Len Johnson at (561) 351 9457.

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