Is Trump doomed?

I spent the entire day yesterday reading about Tuesday’s election contest and headlines telling is that Trump is now doomed and that red states are all of a sudden turning blue. Literally, I struggled to fine a headline that would find a silver lining in these events for Trump and his supporters, even Fox News was unusually sullen. That is why I feel obliged to offer another point of view.

Well, I got some news for you. Election contests are not all about Trump, and they are not a good predictor of how he will fare at the 2020 election. For example, let’s look at Kentucky. Bevin lost to Beshear, But Bevin is the least popular governor in the US ( And he is the only GOP candidate on the ballot who lost in Kentucky.

My point is…these election contests largely hinge on the personality of governor candidates, and it is not all about Trump, even though the latest impeachment inquiry fuss may have helped, I’m not denying that. But let’s not jump to conclusions.

3 months ago
Absinthe_Mind · 2 months ago

As I said before, these latest happenings are not a perfect predictor, but they should be a cause for concern for Trump. Even Fox News is saying that. His popularity has been on decline.

IraqiVet49 · 3 months ago

There is a long way to go.