Louisiana, huge loss for Trump or not?





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CNN: Another red state lost. Another setback for the President.

Louisiana, one of the reddest states, did not grant Trump “his wish” and decided to re-elect its Democratic governor. The victory was so important for Trump that he visited the state twice in the last 11 days, and urged his voters to vote for GOP candidate and “send a message to the corrupt Democrats in Washington”. Local dynamics of these elections cannot be underestimated, but neither can be Democratic victory. This does not look good for 2020.

Townhall: Louisiana Saturday Night Election, Incumbent Democratic Governor Wins

The fact that GOP candidate lost in Louisiana does not mean anything, because “there is no GOP like Trump”. It is not governors who are resuscitating our economy and fixing our trade deals. This is not a defeat for Trump.

Middle Ground:

Personality of the governors is very important, so Trump cannot really be blamed. However, it cannot be denied that he urged his Louisiana voters to vote for GOP candidate and it mattered a lot to him. Nevertheless, a turnout was not great, which will probably not be the case for 2020 presidential elections. So it is too early to say whether this will hurt Trump and how much it has to do with his declining popularity.

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