Pelosi: the winner or loser?

I have been reading a lot about various impeachment strategies, and who outwitted whom. One would say that impeachment is about cunning strategy and not preserving our democratic order.
Nevertheless, CNN is praising Pelosi for her masterstroke of putting Schiff in charge of the inquiry, because he is an expert, while, according to Fox News, he is toxic and destroying credibility. He claims to have a proof of Trump’s guilty and never comes up with anything.
CNN praise her for uniting the Dems around the impeachment cause, while Fox News point out that she alienated a large part of the electorate by preventing the party’s push to the left.

What do you think? Pelosi, trick or treat?

2 months ago
Ive_got_a_sword · 2 months ago

Well, without this impeachment inquiry Trump would have been much higher in these polls, I think.

LukeBizzare · 2 months ago

I think she destroyed their chances of winning the election. Nothing else matters, because it all comes down to that.

IraqiVet49 · 2 months ago

She got into a game in which she cannot win. Trump’s economy success will eclipse all of his shortcomings.