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Fox News: 2020 Democrats attack billionaire Bloomberg, insist they aren’t rich

Other Democratic candidates are trying to turn Bloomberg’s billions against him, and pretending they are not rich. Warren thus becomes a middle-class next-door girl from Oklahoma, Sanders and his family know what paycheck life is about, Biden grew up in the middle class neighborhood, while Buttigieg is the least wealthy person among Democratic candidates. They try to hide their wealth because it would expose their hypocrisy, and make them look like they are at people’s level. The Dems rely on class warfare, dividing and conquering. That is why, to them, succeeding is a bad thing. Bloomberg made his money in business, while Warren and Biden made money in public service, which suggests they made money through connections. Bloomberg, on the other hand, is proud of being a billionaire.

CNN: Sanders and Warren try to turn Bloomberg’s billions against him

The Dems are battling the influence of money and those who are the wealthiest on our political system. Bloomberg is a threat to them, because he can always respond to their meaningful message with his money and paid ads. Bloomberg has no grassroots support and is accused of trying to circumvent the political process: “Bloomberg does not need people, he only needs bags and bags of money”.
Bloomberg is claiming that he cannot be bought, but, in fact, he is not accountable to the American people. Bloomberg is the proof that those who are wealthy and well-connected have too much influence over our government.

Middle Ground:

Those who are wealthy and well-connected have too much influence over our government? Well, Democratic candidates are hardly a poor bunch. In fact, most of them are very well-connected and millionaires. Nevertheless, there is a difference between denying that you are rich and being a billionaire. Billionaires like Bloomberg can influence governments all alone, unlike millionaires. However, it cannot be denied that other Democratic candidates are using this Bloomberg-bashing as a strategy in showing that they “understand ordinary people”.

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