So, how was the first day of the impeachment hearings? Who won?

Fox News: Tom Del Beccaro: Top 5 impeachment hearing takeaways from Day One

  1. There is no bipartisanship but “us vs them” mentality, where the goal is to outsmart the opponent, and not to find out the truth
  2. A limited number of facts, because of leaks and transcripts
  3. The Dems are only arguing about intent, because Ukraine got the aid without doing anything. It is impossible to prove Trump’s bad intent
  4. Ukraine corruption is worthy of investigation, especially the role of Bidens
  5. Few minds were changed, because this is a one-sided affair and Ukraine got the aid in the end

CNN: New revelations from first public hearings paint damning portrait of Trump

Taylor testified about previously undisclosed conversation between Trump and Sondland, where Trump asked Sondland about the investigation into Biden. It proved that Trump cares more about Bidens than Ukraine, and also that there was a direct link between Trump and pressuring Ukraine. Republicans have so far relied only on conspiracy theories.

Middle Ground:

The fact that Ukraine got the aid without starting the investigation does not mean a lot, because it was not Trump who released aid in the end, but federal lawyers decided it was illegal to withhold it. Taylor’s testimony about Sondland-Trump conversation should not be underestimated, especially in the light of Sondland’s forthcoming testimony. Nevertheless, it was second-hand, which limits its importance. However, Sondland’s testimony could change everything.

24 days ago
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