Taylor's impeachment testimony. How important is it?



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Fox News: Bombshell or hearsay?

Taylor testified that a member of his staff overheard Trump asking Sondland about the investigations to which Sondland responded that they were ready to move forward. Sondland also told a member of Taylor’s staff that the only thing Trump cares about is the investigation of Bidens.
However, GOP Jim Jordan got Taylor to admit that in three separate meetings US officials held with Zelensky, they never mentioned their intention to hold up aid. He also got Taylor to admit that he never had a direct conversation with Trump and that Zelensky never opened investigations.

CNN: Taylor reveals new details

Trump cared more about the investigation of Biden than about the corruption in Ukraine in general. GOP push back on Taylor’s direct knowledge, and also claim that he could not have any clear understanding of what was going on, because of the number of people involved.

Middle Ground

So, is Taylor’s testimony a bombshell which reveals new details, or it was quashed by Jim Jordan? It is a bit of both. It revealed new details about what Sondland told to Taylor’s staff member, but its importance is limited by the fact that it was not first-hand knowledge, and even Taylor admitted that was the case, and that he had no clear understanding of what the investigation was about, because he never talked to Trump directly.

magahat · 5 months ago

They use these strong words like a bombshell…and he in fact revealed nothing spectacular. He only confirmed his knowledge was not first-hand. Jordan destroyed him.