What should Trump's impeachment strategy be?

I have just read an interesting article, about why Trump’s best strategy for avoiding impeachment is an apology. He has no other way of avoiding the House impeachment, because both the transcript and Taylor’s testimony are clear. If he keeps insisting that there was no quid pro quo, it shifts the burden of proof to him, which is by no means an easy job.
On the other hand, Republicans keep insisting that the whole process is unconstitutional, and that the threshold for high crimes and misdemeanors has not been met.

What do you think?

2 months ago
gobuddy · 2 months ago

Why would the president have to admit to something he did not do? This article cannot possibly be serious. An apology, and what is next, should he kneel on uncooked rice?
If they are claiming that he committed an impeachable offense, the burden of proof is on them, not on him.