Which one do you believe?



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@ashandkev ashandkev · #BothSides · 9 months ago


In his National Review article, Ben Shapiro comes up with two theories about Trump’s actions in Ukraine: “Get Biden Theory” and “Miasma of Corruption Theory”. According to the first theory, Trump was all about getting Biden and spoiling his election chances. According to the second theory, Trump was interested in corruption in Ukraine in general, and he was paranoid, thinking that Bidens and Hillary were after him, so he acted preemptively, which is bad, but not an impeachable offense. Shapiro thinks that the second theory is more plausible. On the other hand, we have CNN (https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/22/politics/bill-taylor-statement-5-explosive-lines/index.html) talking about Taylor’s testimony being the last nail in Trump’s political coffin. What do you think?

kris · 9 months ago

Whatever the administration is trying to hide is where you will find their guilt.

ashandkev · 9 months ago

I will tell you what I find more plausible, being an independent.

Ben Shapiro is a very apt writer. Very apt at making you believe what he wants you to believe. Also, he cannot be outright accused of partisanship. He did not support Trump in the 2016 elections Nevertheless, he finds the impeachment evidence pretty weak.

Personally, I do not that Trump was “thinking more about 2016 grievances than about hopes for 2020”. Does Trump look like a man who would be, a year ahead of elections, thinking about getting back at an already defeated opponent? Does he look like a many who would be interested in corruption in some distant country?
Whenever he mentioned the word corruption in that transcript, it was in the context of Bidens, not corruption in general.