Who gets an A and who gets an F?





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CNN: On impeachment strategy, Pelosi gets an A, Trump an F

The Dems resolution paves the way for the process which will likely lead to Trump’s impeachment. Pelosi managed to do that, while, at the same time, securing the due process by allowing the Republicans to “have some real say in how the investigations will proceed”, depending on whether they will participate in the process, or decide to boycott it. Pelosi cleverly decided to wait until she secured support from her fellow Dems. She also waited until she built the narrative of impeachment through private testimonies. Pelosi also chose Schiff, who is the most talented Democratic prosecutor. Another of her masterstrokes was that she had staff counsel lead the inquiry and was also adept at anticipating all Republican arguments.
On the other hand, President Trump’s strategy is limited to tweeting and accusing others of witch hunt.

Fox News: Republicans slam Pelosi over impeachment reversal after floor vote: ‘What has changed?’

The Republicans have a right not to place their trust in Pelosi’s House, especially since even she said, in March, that she would be opposed to the impeachment inquiry unless bipartisanship could be secured. The House votes along party lines: “Thee only bipartisan vote Thursday was to oppose the resolution, as two Democrats broke ranks in opposition. No Republicans supported it”

Middle Ground:

It is true that the Republicans now cannot claim the the process is unconstitutional. On the other hand, one has to ask himself this question: Why the Democrats did not pass this resolution in the beginning of the inquiry? CNN is correct that it might be strategically a good move, because they used selective leaks and private proceedings to sway the public opinion in their favor. It might deserve an A for strategy, but an F for democracy and transparency.

SilentEyes · 7 months ago

It might deserve an A for strategy, but an F for democracy and transparency.

Hats off for these words. Since when have we started caring about who is more cunning and not about who is devoted to democracy?

JibbaJabba · 7 months ago

Since when? Since 1776 is my guess. It’s not as if politicians haven’t been working just within the rules since those rules were first created.

JacePearce · 7 months ago

It is not about being cunning…She decided to pass the resolution because she got tired of the Republicans whining.