Who should testify?





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CNN: Since Republicans want Hunter Biden to testify, Democrats should call Ivanka Trump

By inviting Hunter Biden to testify, Republicans want to distract from the truth and towards their conspiracy theories. Their claim that they are inviting Hunter Biden in order to get more information about the extent of corruption in Ukraine just does not hold, because if they really wanted that, they should have called experts in that field. They are just trying to discredit Joe Biden and his family by pushing their conspiracy theories.
If they want to eliminate conflicts of interests, they should start with Trump’s family and investigate Ivanka and her violations of federal conflict of interest laws.

Fox News: Hunter Biden could be collateral damage as Trump impeachment hearings begin

Hunter’s Ukraine dealings started the chain events and witnesses’ closed door testimonies indicate that there were concerns about his Burisma dealings.

“I think this is absolutely worth looking into,” Republican Rep. Michael Waltz, of Florida, said Sunday on Fox News’ “America’s News HQ,” regarding the Hunter Biden controversy. “Yet the mainstream media and the Democrats just want to say 'nothing to see here.”

Middle Ground

There is absolutely no need to call Ivanka to testify, because she is far removed from what is at the core of the impeachment inquiry, even if she is guilty of conflict of interest elsewhere. Hunter Biden is not so removed from the events, but there is still no need for him to testify, because even if both him and his father are guilty of corruption, the President does not have the right to withhold military aid for his personal gain (digging up dirt about his political opponent).

GardenRose · 6 months ago

Biden was boasting about getting Shokin fired not because of his son, but because everyone was complaining about Shokin.

LukeBizzare · 6 months ago

It is completely out of order to equate Ivanka with Hunter when it comes to Ukraine dealings. No grounds for calling her to testify-at all.

CyberWorrier · 6 months ago

And what are the grounds for calling Hunter to testify?

gobuddy · 6 months ago

Trump was investigating the role of US politicians in the widespread corruption in Ukraine.

CyberWorrier · 6 months ago

Really? And I guess it is a pure coincidence that he focused on the son of his political opponent.