Bernie Sanders wins in Nevada



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #Breaking · 4 months ago
LukeBizzare · 4 months ago

Far from unexpected, Biden will now at least be a competitor again after his 2nd place which will raise momentum into South Carolina. Game on.

CyberWorrier · 4 months ago

Sanders is on a roll with his jamboree bag stuffed with freebies. Bidens ‘recovery’ will be brief, especially after his kamikaze comment about meeting Mandela and being arrested, idiot.

truth_hurts · 4 months ago

It’s going to be fun watching the same Democrat machine that turned up all the Kavanaugh accusers start to work on one of their own if Bernie continues to gain speed. The establishment is only humoring Bernie (for now) because of what they did to him in 2016. The gloves will come off and they will turn on him very soon.

Youngguari · 4 months ago

What did they do to him in 2016 sorry? May have slept when that was happening, as I do not recall.