Boris Johnson: It is my deal or no deal





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@LukeBizzare LukeBizzare · #Breaking · 9 months ago
stablegenius305 · 9 months ago

As long as we do not get the latter.

JacePearce · 9 months ago

Brexit in name only.

LukeBizzare · 9 months ago

The deal that Johnson has put forward will not satisfy the leavers. The deal includes 3 year 'transition periods’as far as free trade, and the U.K will still be contracted to the E.U. Our fishermen will still be unable to fish our waters effectively. The House of Commons will vote the deal down and maybe a 'no deal will be implemented? A long way to go…even though the deadline is 31st October. I can see an extension coming into play…and either a 2nd referendum or a General Election before the end of the year, which opens the door for the Brexit party .

IraqiVet49 · 9 months ago

It does not matter whether that deal would satisfy someone or not. They need to accept that sometimes you have to settle for less than you expected.