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@chazman70 chazman70 · #Breaking · 8 months ago

Kudos to Lindsay Graham for finding the truth about 2016-2017 efforts to intimidate and remove the President. All the liars are being “unmasked” and the truth( at last) is being told. Now, the truth about protests that turn viol;ent: Anarchists, riot inciters and interstate criminals have invaded peaceful demonstrations, nationwide. Looting burning and shooting police is their game plan. Black Lives Matter, is not the good organization it appears to be. Celebrities who support them have been mislead! Natalie Portman, John Legend, and , yes, Jane Fonda ( Remember HANOI JANE?), among others, must stay out of this unamerican organization, or risk their careers! People! We need more investgative peoplelike Hannity, Limbaugh, Reagan, Shnitt, and Cunningham to broadcast the TRUTH to the masses…

chazman70 · 8 months ago

I am listening. Tell me…