Democrats Committing Political Suicide With Their Impeachment Vote!

Democrats are being outstandingly foolish and irresponsible with their plan this week to formally begin the impeachment process of President Donald Trump they now will go on the record that the House of Representatives is officially pursuing impeachment of the President. This is a terrible precedent the Democrats are pursuing here they are basically pursuing impeaching the President because he failed to do his duty for political reasons. Most if not all Presidents make this same type of breach of duty so now the country will have this standard out there where if a political party controls the House of Representatives they can pursuing impeaching the President for excessive politicization of the Office of the Presidency this standard weakens the county and weakens the federal government. Secondly, the Democrats are setting the country up to split apart to fail as a nation by this I mean Donald Trump is completely detestable as a President (in so far as patriotism and virtue Donald Trump is completely untrustworthy he puts himself over the country’s interests time and again he is ovewhelmingly unfit to be President from a character standpoint which could cause enough Republicans in the Senate to vote for impeachment so the bum’s impeached. Why this would be a disaster for America is that many of President Donald Trump’s supporters are citizens that have had their interests and legitimate concerns butchered by the prevailing powers in Washington over the past thirty years whether it be this evil globalization that has allowed America’s good middle class jobs to be exported to foreign countries or putting America on a trajectory where she will be an Hispanic country with its rampant extortion, murder, narco-state and expansive poverty qualities because Washington refuses to turn off the job spigot for illegals by mandating law enforcement track down phony use of social security numbers and hold the perpetrators until they’re deported. This matters because it solidifies hopelessness in the political process for these Americans once Trump is impeached these legitimately disgruntled Americans will eventually unite with the many desperate Americans that are now embracing Presidential candidates like Sanders and Warren dyed in the wool socialists and once these desperate America learn that socialism eventually leads to widespread borderline poverty all these Americans will start listening to those leaders that advocate groups of states should secede from America the residents of those states would be better off; and, eventually these separatist leaders will prevail and America will fail as a country!

Democrats don’t have grounds for impeachment; they don’t meet the constitutional requirement of high crimes and misdemeanor. Let’s say for arguments sake Democrats can prove that Trump conditioned the release of the Congressional authorized $400 million security assistance for Ukraine for Ukraine’s government committing to investigating Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election and investigating Joe BIden and his son, Hunter, for corruption. Where is the crime it is incredibly unethical and incredibly jeopardizing the security of Europe, and NATO, for Vladimir Putin if he could pull it off would readily rebuild the Soviet Union and weakening Ukraine provides temptation in this area to Putin. It is not like Trump is refusing to release the money to Ukraine it was released there is no violation of law here. In regards to proving the quid pro quo the evidence is problematic the media well reported a summary of the infamous call to the head of Ukraine if one reviews that summary Trump didn’t bring up the Bidens the President of Ukraine brought it up first, it was only after Volodymyr Zelensky offered to investigate the Bidens Trump jumps on it; granted Trump first brought up Ukraine investigating Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 election but is Trump’s request so unreasonable there, meritless yes but unreasonable no, isn’t the Attorney General investigating how there came to be an investigation of a sitting President by the DOJ and FBI certainly if there was a conspiracy with certain major US players with powers in Ukraine that would be relevant to the investigation so President Trump can argue he was just trying to get relevant information for an open investigation by the DOJ. The other major problem with the Democrat plan here is that Democrats have ruined a fair and credible process for impeachment; their point man Congressman Schiff is too shifty. His statement that his committee never spoke to the whistleblower before the whistleblower filed his or her complaint was an outright falsehood - it makes this whole thing look like a politics driven attack. Plus, the secret depositions of witnesses where there is no Republican advocate permitted to question witnesses to elicit the other side of the impeachment inquiry violates due process standard it’s an affront to fairness. Where is the wisdom in the Democrat Party, Trump is so vulnerable to reelection on the policy issues Democrats are incredibly foolish for providing him with a smoke screen vis-à-vis the impeachment theatrics and I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump gets a cherry on top of this sundae Democrats are delivering to him when he gets to argue come reelection time I won on the impeachment trial in the Senate because the Democrats did not have grounds for impeachment its all politics with the Democrats they have no solutions for America electing Democrats will be many steps backward for America!

4 months ago
gobuddy · 4 months ago

The only reason the Democrats are pursuing Trump with such gusto is
that this is the ONLY hope of them
having any chance in next year’s
elections. Trump is right when he says
‘witchhunt’, I know he is a hated figure
since dismantling Clinton but the incessant
and dishonest tactics used by the likes
of Schiff and the others, has been shameful.
Trump is far from being an angel but he is
the President and this prolonged
impeachment blitz has turned into
a farce.

GardenRose · 4 months ago

Cry me a river (and, please, learn how to make paragraphs, and the most important of all, learn punctuation rules).