Helping teens in America





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@Sanaa Sanaa · #Breaking · 4 months ago

Have anyone ever thought about changing or doing something about a lot of teens committing crimes and throwing away their lives. I think if we try to put more fun thing’s out there and listen to some of their ideas or perspectives about life then a lot issues would be resolved. Coming from a teen it’s hard to be heard out here every time I enter in to a contests for poetry a lot of people would ask my age and cant believe that I would write something so amazing. If teens voices are heard often then they won’t feel so alone and abandoned.

Sanaa · 3 months ago

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Fubiz · 4 months ago

Hi Sanaa,

It is great that you are expressing yourself through poetry. I’m sure you watched or read “Freedom Writers”. Erin Gurwell really showed how seemingly hopeless and problematic students could experience a real turnaround when they are given some guidance. However, a few teachers are like Gurwell, and some of these teens are really beyond repair-cannot be reached because they have already been taken over by gangs etc. It is difficult…but I think the main solution is to help families, as they are primary units.

Sanaa · 4 months ago

Thank you very true