stablegenius305 · 4 months ago

Maybe, if Boris is adamant on leaving the E.U by the deadline 31st, he will opt for a no deal …it would save the U.K 39 billion
sterling plus the leavers will have got what they voted for?

FireStorm · 4 months ago

The man is just barking, but he does not bite. Just like Trump. He knows he does not stand a chance of getting a no-deal Brexit.

SilentEyes · 4 months ago

Johnson has no choice but to settle for an extension. His first attempt at getting his deal agreed by the House was narrowly defeated and now Bercow has denied a second vote. The left will now demand a
second referendum…with the 2 options…
leave but with a Corbynesque deal or
remain in the E.U. That’s Democracy for you!