lying Nancy





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@chazman70 chazman70 · #Breaking · 4 months ago

Once again, Nancy Pelosi has LIED to America! She called the Senate vote to aquit President Donald J. Trump, and act of cowardice when she has been cowardly trying to oust him since the 2016 election. She and all her cohorts (cronies) must be voted out of office in 2022 and 2024!
Conservative thinking needs to return to Washington in the next election cycle, or our democracy is doomed. Socialist President, Joe Biden is also sending the USA down the dark path.

chazman70 · 4 months ago

Hear ye, hear ye!! Bring back Donald trump, and let him bring back our country to its former SANITY. We have untapped prosperity that was started in 2016, yet Joe Biden in squashing it daily!!!