The Whiskey is Out of the Barrel for Election 2020





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@The_Ex_Cowboy The_Ex_Cowboy · #Breaking · 4 months ago

Buckle your chinstraps America - the whiskey has been officially out of the barrel for less than 90 seconds and the 2020 election already looks like Donald Trump’s to lose.

The D. Team just can’t put a drop of ink in the "W’"column this season. Sad but true.

In the era of computerized election interference the Democrats seem to have outsourced the part of the iconic Iowa Caucus where votes get counted. One wonders if their dysfunctional app was contracted out to a Ukrainian company or was it just Facebook? Nevermind asking if the Biden donors will get a refund from the DNC for funding it such failure.

Regardless of how the candidates fare, The 2020 Iowa caucus has already proven to be a devastating gut-check for anyone ( author included ) with hopes the DNC can unseat Trump’s Neo-Reich.

Maybe prayers still have a shot.

The anti-Trump anxiety level has now officially pegged across the dial from “Wailing” to “Gnashing of Teeth” thanks to the Iowa Dems on this fabled night.

As you read this Trump is hovering over the Twitter keyboard waiting for someone to tell him how to spell clusterfuck and fact-check which state Iowa is in.

patkgreen · 4 months ago

But everything is fine now, Mayor Pete said that he has won.

FireStorm · 4 months ago

Looking like a done deal.