A huge victory for Boris Johnson, Corbyn set to step down



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@SleepyJoe SleepyJoe · #CNN · 3 months ago
stablegenius305 · 3 months ago

Ironically, Corbyn was originally in
favour of leaving the E.U.
He has since, dithered and backtracked
on the subject of Brexit, and voters
felt that the Militant arm of the Labour
party fronted by John McDonnell, was
having too much influence over Corbyn. Labour voters didn’t agree with
the party becoming so far left, and
of course Corbyn didn’t respect
the pro Brexit Labour supporters,
the rest is now history.

SilentEyes · 3 months ago

Corbyn’s demise has proved that the
British electorate didn’t trust him at
This consensus comes directly from
the houses canvassed by all parties.
Corbyn’s Marxist beliefs and the
anti-Semitism scandal within his
party, made him unelectable.

FireStorm · 3 months ago

Johnson’s level of victory was unexpected
even to many staunch Tories.
Brexit was a huge reason for grass roots
Labour seats swinging over to the
Corbyn’s campaign was s disaster.
His Marxist sympathies coupled with
his terrorist sympathies and antisemitic
views within his party, came back to
haunt him.
Many ‘safe’ Labour seats were lost, even
Tony Blair’s Sedgefield seat which once
had a 20k plus majority, was lost.
The Labour Party underestimated their
own Brexit supporters, especially in
the north of England, and this was pay
back for being ignored.