Bitter exchanges at Trump's impeachment trial



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #CNN · 2 months ago
Absinthe_Mind · 2 months ago

All this is immaterial as Trump will surely get off. They will oppose our right to call witnesses, then what have we got left?

josephinemunoz · 2 months ago

I would think that our government officials know what offices they hold and what jobs they are hired for. We all have jobs that have rules and policies we must follow. I hope these employees of the people do not forget why they were hired. You have a job too do. So for the sake of the people and the laws we all must follow do your job correctly. If not each individual should be held accountable for the lack of appropriate job performance and titles. McConnell should be terminated for admitting on national t.v that he was with the White House. He should not be aloud in this impeachment and should be removed from office for admitting that he wasnt going too hold a fear and legal hearing. Why would this office even consider no witnesses?

gobuddy · 2 months ago

You are mistaken. This is not a LEGAL hearing. This is a political process. And I assume you had not qualms about the lack of fair and legal process during the House impeachment hearings?