truth_hurts · 9 days ago

CBP and ICE keeps all of us safer. Bloomberg will still welcome illegals into our country. His State of New York just allowed illegals to get drivers licenses which in turn, allows them to vote in our elections. Gov. Cuomo has put them on the “honor system” they won’t register. Sure. If anyone thinks we are heartless to not want them entering illegally I suggest watching this short video explaining immigration. It is eye opening.

ashandkev · 9 days ago

And what about making the roads safer for everybody? I mean, these people are here, they drive on our roads, they should be identified. Or you just care about voting rights and some remote possibility of abuse?

truth_hurts · 9 days ago

They are illegal aliens. Illegal is the key word. There are plenty of people waiting their turn to enter this country legally. We should never condone illegals crossing the border and leaching our system. They shouldn’t be here and certainly not given the same rights and privileges US citizens are granted. The liberal end game is not about compassion (did you watch the video?) for these people, it’s about letting as many in as possible with the notion they will eventually be granted citizenship. Democrats don’t care about anything but increased voter roles because a few million can sway their power.

SilentEyes · 10 days ago

It’s all very well Mike, some lovely ideas there but… you cannot implement these policies if you finish 4th at best, even with 60 billion dollars.

stablegenius305 · 10 days ago

I like the idea of the “place based visas” it makes more sense supporting the States that are in need of labour to fill the void. Good call.