Brexit cannot be stopped, but it might take long





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@SilentEyes SilentEyes · #CNN · 7 months ago
ben_afleck_is_an_ok_actor · 7 months ago

They leaked some conversation with the EU official according to whom Brexit deal an get done only after 2021.

Absinthe_Mind · 7 months ago

Boris must get a skilled team of
negotiators ready to take on the
Brussels lawyers.
Teresa May failed miserably and paid
the price with her job.
It certainly won’t be a walk in the park.

LukeBizzare · 7 months ago

Boris Johnson will have his work cut out
in reaching a fast track agreement with
Brussels, it could take two or three years.
After his victory he now has a larger
majority in the House of Commons but
The E.U will not make things easy,
especially regarding free trade, as they
rely heavily on the huge tariffs from
E.U members and their chief negotiator,
Barnier, has proved to be a very hard
nut to crack.