Can this hurt Trump's reelection prospects?





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@stablegenius305 stablegenius305 · #CNN · 5 months ago
patkgreen · 5 months ago

It all depends on how long this virus is going to impact on the the public and whether Trump implements what is needed within that dynamic. The lack of medical supplies and ICU beds is a concern but we will see the effectiveness of any actions by health services and Federal Government in the next few weeks.

magahat · 5 months ago

CNN would be happy to see the covid-19 virus cull a few senior Americans and for markets to crash if it means getting their anti American grime out on the media in their futile attempts to get rid of Trump.

truth_hurts · 5 months ago

Interesting how in 2009, the media protected Obama and didn’t raise mass hysteria as 12000+ Americans died from H1N1 and 60 million became infected. When Mueller fails and impeachment fails, maybe the only way to get Trump is to raise the hysteria and cause the panic market selloff. Maybe there’s reason for legitimate concern with this and maybe not. I’m just very skeptical of the mass panic based on current numbers and compared to 2009 numbers. We are 3-4 months into this and if numbers were comparable to 2009, we would have had over 3000 deaths already and 15 million infections. We currently have around 60 deaths and 3000-ish infections. The numbers are vastly different as are the reactions to a new virus. The "world is ending crowd " will be jumping all over this post but the numbers don’t lie.

gobuddy · 5 months ago

What amazes me is that they are not even trying to explain why that situation was “worse” than what we have now. OK, they are mumbling something about swine flu being more difficult to tackle, more strains of viruses, mutations…

GardenRose · 5 months ago

“The significance of nonlinear and chaotic nature of COVID-19 means that no methods are available to predict exactly at what point in time the epidemic will emerge as an outbreak, just like volcanoes and earthquakes”

And let me repeat it here:

OK, let me ask you…why are you pretending to be stupid?
First of all, the virus has been spreading in the US since the end of January. Everything else is a speculation. Death rate for H1N1 was 0.02%, for coronavirus it is 3.4%. We can even take the best case scenario and say it is 0.7%. It is still 35 times worse than for H1N1. Multiply 35 by 12.470 and you get this number- 436.415. Let’s not even compare hospitalization rates.
Once again…how can you even compare a period of less than two months with a period of a year? The coronavirus is, sadly, expected to grow.

truth_hurts · 5 months ago

Of course Covid19 is going to grow, a lot. It’s also not the end of the world. Believe what you want. The numbers so far don’t dictate panic. Feel free though. I’m confident the smartest people in the world are racing to be the next billionaire when they find a vaccine.

FireStorm · 5 months ago

That vaccine might come in November…what do we do until then?