Corbyn can transform the UK



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@JacePearce JacePearce · #CNN · 4 months ago
GardenRose · 4 months ago

Corbyn, for all his faults, would be a
better option than bumbling Boris.
He has the support of youngsters
around the U.K, who no longer
wish to put up with the Conservatives
and their capitalist footprint.
Corbyn will tax the highest earners and
retain our crucial relationship with

SilentEyes · 4 months ago

Jeremy Corbyn would be an unmitigated
disaster should he be given the keys to
10 Downing Street.
He aspires to an open door policy on
immigration, free medical care for all,
a 'not so ‘free’ Broadband installation
across the U.K, and yet another pointless
referendum offering 'remain in the E.U,
or a 'kind of remain!
The people have gone through this
gridlock(caused by Teresa May’s dishonesty)… .for 3 years, and voted
by a majority to leave, and I think they will.
Corbyn has a very questionable past, with
his sympathies for the likes of Hamas, I.R.A,
and Hezbollah, very unpopular with the
wider British public.
His leadership ratings are low, and he is
just not trusted.
London is now dominated by Labour
M.P’s, and the Capital has seen the murder
rate rise to the highest level in decades!
So, law and order would also be a huge
risk under Corbyn and Labour.
Jeremy Corbyn would ‘transform’ the
U.K into a near bankrupt, overcrowded,
lawless, quagmire of a once great Nation.