Donald Trump is unpopular in Britain-and that does not work well for Boris



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@SleepyJoe SleepyJoe · #CNN · 7 months ago
Sarahknowsbest · 7 months ago

Don’t count out Corbyn just yet.
He wiped the floor with Boris Johnson
in their 1 to 1 leadership debate last
Corbyn isn’t a lover of the U.S.A, and would be happier dealing with Russia and China
as they fit his political d.n.a.
However, if Corbyn and one of the 3
democrats are successful in the elections,
they would be a partnership made in heaven.

IraqiVet49 · 7 months ago

Fortunately for Johnson, Corbyn’s
approval ratings are bad.
Trump would rather see Farage in as
Prime Minister as they are old buddies.

JacePearce · 7 months ago

It is all down to whether you are on the
perceived ‘left’ or ‘right’ in your beliefs.
Those Dems…who usually watch and
read the left wing, Liberal media are
most likely to hate Trump and vote for
one of the 3 leading Dem nominees.
The same in the U.K, Corbyn if you are
on the left, and Johnson, the right.
The U.K’s flagship media outlet is
still the B.B.C, so naturally, this
leads to anti Trump rhetoric at any
given moment.

GardenRose · 7 months ago

I am neither a Trump or Johnson lover,
however, business wise, it makes sense
for the two Nations to interact.

stablegenius305 · 7 months ago

In Britain, the B.B.C has a similar aim to the C.N.N network.
The Marxist B B.C, follows an agenda,
they make sure the political parties and
figures, more central and to the right,
have less airtime, and repeatedly
invite anti Brexit, marginal politicians
on air to assist with their political
The Labour Party have for a long time
insisted that Trump ‘is after the National
Health Service’, which is nonsense, and
Trump derangement syndrome has been
shoved across the Atlantic.
Don’t forget, it was Obama who flew
across to Britain, before the Brexit
referendum, to threaten the Brits
that ‘you will be at the back of the queue’
re trade, ‘should you leave the European