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@exgop exgop · #CNN · 5 months ago

why does everyone sit when news states “the american people elected trump?”. the american people did not elect him. the electoral college, consisting of majority republicans elected him. the popular vote was not for trump.

IraqiVet49 · 5 months ago

If you are complaining about our democratic system, you can complain about that. Maybe write to the Supreme Court and say that this system which we have had in place for the last more than 200 years, does not work. Good luck with that. I guess you were not complaining when Obama won.

chopsuey · 5 months ago

I’m sure they weren’t complaining considering Obama won the popular vote both times, and that was the whole point of this post.

Hamburgler · 5 months ago

My opinion is that you’re thinking about it the wrong way. America is setup as a democratic republic, not a straight democracy. If America were a 100% democracy, then the elections would be decided by the majority of votes. However, it is not, so elected officials hold lots of power. The American people did elect the elected officials and that is how Trump was ultimately elected, so it is true that the American people did elect Trump, even if it’s more complicated than a simple majority. This is nothing new, the government has worked like this since the constitution was written.