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@Brook Brook · #CNN · 7 months ago

To specifically Mr. Trudeau,

I am a white Canadian female, attending college for the first year at the age of 26.

There are a few things that I am incredibly unhappy about as a student in Alberta. One of the topics making me unhappy is the fact, on how much you are cutting back on funding for education. My question is why are you cutting it so much, its not only going to affect me but the staffing at these Colleges and Universities. It is going to affect the education quality that we could be receiving by taking jobs from amazing Professors and teachers. You want to end the stealing and crime especially in rural areas, and in the city centers. But how are white people specifically supposed to better their lives when you alone are making it extremely hard to get into schooling let alone pay for tuition as well as all the books and housing and all the extras in order to be able to attend school. It is very discouraging especially to real Canadian people that don’t have the help from their families with money, or other resources of help to pay for schooling. Now that you are doing cutbacks why would Canadians even think about getting a good education to find a good job instead of getting stuck in the drugs and depression and suicide eventually. You are literally giving our taxpayers money of this country (us the minority Caucasian Canadians) to immigrants to come over here from their country. And that is not okay. By the time I want to to retire the money I have paid into CPP will be gone. And why? Because you guys are paying these immigrants that are trying to change our Canadian History and rules and laws to make them more comfortable. I am struggling as a student with money and mental health trying to pay for groceries and all the supplies i will need as well as housing. And i will be struggling the next 5 years according to my education program of choice. Why am I not getting the help I need from my government??? Why are we helping the people that are not even Canadian citizens. We are paying for their new life and pretty much to eventually take over as government and ruin this Country. So you people are choosing to help people that aren’t even Canadian? And taking from the people you expect to support you in government?? I am also not happy that as a student, that needs to do some academic upgrading putting me in the open studies program there is little to none available scholarships for white Canadian students. But tons for aboriginal people that already do not have to pay for the schooling, or the housing and get tax free goods. I am not mad at them, but I am really not happy with the government choosing to screw over its own white Canadian people to give the undeserving people free everything??? Because I know when my great grandparents came to Canada they received no funding whatsoever, they had to be cleared health wise, as well as expected to have a job before they were able to establish a new home for themselves. Plus my great grandpa had to work hard for several years to even be able to bring his wife and family over here for a new better life to start. This means they had to earn not be given their new Canadian citizenship, without changing a law, a rule or any other Canadian traditions. There was no protesting or whining because they were just thankful be given the opportunity to even be able to come over to have a better life. Therefore living the rest of their lives grateful and thankful to this country in allowing them to stay here. I respect all those who like my grandfather had to go through the same process and were respectful and grew to their new Canadian customs and traditions instead of trying to fight them. In saying that I strongly feel that it is not the Canadian citizens that are racist or discriminating towards these new immigrants, but our government that is creating that issue amoungst these new groups coming in and given a free ride.

Not only am i struggling with mental health and the stress of school but I need to worry about money and whether or not I will have a good education in the near future because we are paying for those people who are taking full advantage of us and laughing at us as well behind their closed doors. You guys are ridiculous this isn’t Canada anymore this is you guys making this the new home for immigrants. If we went to their country there is no way we would be able to change their laws or customs to make us feel comfortable.They don’t respect us and especially noticing in the malls how much the men have no respect for the women that have lived in this country for their whole lives. Screw making them comfortable, because now we white people feel uncomfortable in our own country because of the terrorists you are freely letting into my Country. They have no respect for the men and women that fought for this country. They wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for veterans and soldiers of this country. There are too many minority groups that have too much power and are changing the rules and laws because they have hurt feelings. What happened to the freedom of speech? I mean everyone but white people have that now? And if it weren’t for us white people who established and made this country what it is. I think our Alberta and Canadian government need to grow a backbone and say enough is enough ship them out of here because all letting them in is going to cause is not good for anyone and you people are supporting them. Probably paying for their weapons and training them and giving them our money to use against us eventually. I am sick and tired of being treated this way as a white Canadian person. We aren’t allowed to treat them like that but somehow and for some reason they can treat us like that? Are you kidding me? They whine about racial slurs that aren’t even racist comments. We get hushed and fired over it. Meanwhile the immigrants you are letting in here are beating their wives in the street in front of the neighborhood or are at high risk for our Canadian safety and security. If you have any say as the Alberta government representative to Mr, Trudeau I suggest you try and help us out because all you are doing is pushing your supporters further and further away. I can’t even get the right food order at a fast food restaurant because they can’t understand me. Gas station goods are priced ridiculously because guess who owns most of them? Oh and guess what as students or because of lay offs, or the seniors who want to retire or are retiring have no funding help to be able to do so comfortably. Why? I think you should know the answer to that. YOU ARE PAYING THESE TERRORISTS AND UNGRATEFUL AND DISRESPECTFUL PEOPLE OUR HARD EARNED MONEY AND WHAT WE PAY TAXES FOR.

I know that I will need to contact the federal government as well but as an albertan I also need the support from my provincial government for once. Because I am just one person age of 26, however I am not the only person in this society or age group that feels strongly about this here in Alberta and I am sure many other areas across Canada. As much as I would like to believe the Canadian government would want to hear me out, I am losing my faith in them doing so for their own True Canadian Citizen. Why would they even look twice at what I have to say when they are too busy giving our money to the freeloaders?? So please do your job protect us Albertan and help me with this huge issue that we are suffering from because the federal government has no backbone at all.

SilentEyes · 7 months ago

It seems that provincial education policy is not Trudeau’s fault:

“As a federal politician, even as prime minister, I’m not supposed to have too much of an opinion on provincial education policy. But I was a teacher and I’m also a parent with kids in the system, and I’m very, very worried about them suddenly showing up in September with a class size of 30 plus, less support for the special needs kids, and an environment that is generally hostile to teachers,” he said”

ashandkev · 7 months ago

I understand your plight…but I do not understand one thing.
Why are you talking about WHITE TRUE Canadians and bashing immigrants? Your own family was an immigrant family. And I guess TRUE Canadians (Native Americans of course) were not happy about that, and they were complaining about your family receiving privileges when compared with them.

As for only WHITE TRUE Canadians contributing to the country, you may wish to take a look at this:

magahat · 7 months ago

Brook…your concerns should definitely be answered by Mr. Trudeau.
Unfortunately, I think he is too busy laughing at other world leaders behind their backs.
The one he is laughing at, may have answered your concerns.