GOP senators move to dismantle impeachment trial



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21,559 Subscribers · #CNN · 5 months ago
GardenRose · 5 months ago

Come on…their best strategy is to settle for the Senate trial. Why? Certainly not because Trump is not guilty. But because they have the majority there.

LukeBizzare · 5 months ago

Or just maybe to put a stop to this
debacle of a trial and to add some parity.
The Dems won’t allow the republicans
selected witnesses, won’t allow the
whistle blower to come forward and
these recent ‘witnesses’ have offered
little more than conjecture in their
Schiff fed testimonies.
Had Pelosi agreed to a bi partizan
hearing, in the first place, we wouldn’t
be where we are right now, and the
real proof would have rendered this
hearing as a sham.