GardenRose · 3 months ago

Thank God for that.

stablegenius305 · 3 months ago

Hopefully, this will be the start of a long
healing process for the U.K, after three
years of political standoff.
The General Election will have 4 main players; the Liberal Democrats…whose message will be to REMAIN in the E.U,
the Conservatives…who wish to leave with
Johnson’s deal, the Labour Party who would leave but wish to remain in the Customs
Union, and the Brexit Party who wish to
leave with a NO deal.
The Brexit party could split the Tory vote
in certain areas, so as C.W says below,
tactical voting is likely to be on the agenda.
Current polls put the Tories comfortably
ahead of Labour with the Libs and B.P
fighting it out for third. Bring it on.

CyberWorrier · 3 months ago

This is what the British electorate wanted
and it is what they deserve.
Three years ago the Brexiteers won
the referendum to leave. Teresa May’s
incompetence is the reason why the
country is gridlocked right now.
Despite Boris’ efforts, the libs and labour
has blocked, taken legal advice …basically
tried to scupper any Brexit deal.
The General Election will give the people
an opportunity to support, or fire the
M.P’s entrusted in representing them 3
years ago.
I fully expect some very organised ‘tactical
voting’, and a wholesale change of
personnel in the House of Commons.