Should Sanders quit?





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@stablegenius305 stablegenius305 · #CNN · 7 months ago
Youngguari · 7 months ago

Yes he should, the country is waiting, enthralled at the prospect of Joe ‘Burisma’ Biden sharing his pearls of wisdom with us as he boldly insults member of the public, talks about his ‘push up’ contest with Mandela and surrounding himself with ‘dog faced pony soldiers.’ Bring on the comedy.

LukeBizzare · 7 months ago

I understand why he is hanging on in there. He wants to maintain the push to keep the progressive movement as a strong alternative, and find a new leader. Bernie knows he is done but will continue to push Biden on policies…then bye bye Bernie.

FireStorm · 7 months ago

He has absolutely no prospect of winning, so what is the point?

Sarahknowsbest · 7 months ago

The point is to reach as many people as possible. He can still win a couple of states.

ben_afleck_is_an_ok_actor · 7 months ago

Not only that…but the more delegates he wins, the more chances he has of advancing his progressive policy at the DNC.

gobuddy · 7 months ago

Is it possible that Sanders still thinks his socialist policies can reach anyone?

truth_hurts · 7 months ago

His young, idealistic and socialist voters aren’t even showing up for him. Once they realize he is done, they will become disenfranchised. You will barely see them in November. It’s Bernie or Bust for most of them.