Fubiz · 4 months ago

The U.K just want to get on with their lives
after this 3 years of Brexit overkill.

stablegenius305 · 4 months ago

It has been a complete betrayal of the

Youngguari · 4 months ago

Teresa May messed up Brexit.
As a remainer, she went to Brussels to
negotiate the U.K leaving the E.U, along
with the highly respected David Davis
M.P (who later resigned through frustration
with the role).
May went to Brussels and eventually came
back with her ‘surrender deal’, which
was worse than the deal Johnson
has put forward. May’s attitude was to
placate the E.U which put the U.K in
a vulnerable position…rather than
seeking a good deal for the country.
So, from day 1, she was more intent on
keeping the E.U happy, rather than
working for the 17.4 million who
won the Referendum to leave.
She mentioned (on multiple occasions)
that the U.K would leave with a NO DEAL
should the E.U not sanction the deal she
wanted. This was all hot air, as May never
intended a NO DEAL to happen, so, she
lied to the country and gave all the aces
to Brussels.
Hence, Johnson’s almost impossible task
and the gridlock ever since.

SleepyJoe · 4 months ago

Come on. Johnson’s deal is the same as May’s deal. Maybe that woman was a remainer, but she was giving her best, given her circumstances, to get the best deal for UK.

Absinthe_Mind · 4 months ago

So true, who knows when this gridlock
will untangle?
Treachery on all sides of the House has
left the U.K electorate seething.

SilentEyes · 4 months ago

The only option is for a General Election