Trump is weaponizing the presidency





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@JacePearce JacePearce · #CNN · 8 months ago
Absinthe_Mind · 8 months ago

Trump is like an angry child that doesn’t get its own way, screaming and sulking and throwing his toys out of the pram. He is in danger of alienating the nervous “yes men” in his team even further as he demonstrates his dictatorial /total rule stance. He will be difficult to stop!

truth_hurts · 8 months ago

Why does he need to be stopped? The economy is humming, unemployment levels in every demographic is at record low levels, he has bettered our trade deals, brought jobs back to America, lowered illegal entry in this country by 70%, lowered taxes, increased our energy production increased Americans overall happiness in their lives as proved by the latest poll. Do we need to stop him because we are afraid of being safe and we don’t want to get a job or do we need to stop him just because we hate him? Everyone on the left says they will raise your taxes when elected. I’m not sure how anybody would vote for that.

Levelhead · 8 months ago

The economy is not in the state that it’s in now because of trump, #1. Nor are the jobs that we have now, That comes from the President, Obama.

truth_hurts · 8 months ago

Obama had little to do with it. It started with tax cuts and deregulation. Obama’s inexperience in understanding business and economy crushed all of us. Everything is related and relative. Lower personal taxes increases discretionary spending. Lower corporate taxes (corporations don’t pay a penny in taxes. Never have/never will) lowers prices which increases product demand which increases production which increases hiring causing less unemployment and more taxpayers and on and on it goes. Obama was the king of regulation and taxes. Typical Democratic playbook.