Who performed the best at Iowa debate?



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@Youngguari Youngguari · #CNN · 2 months ago
Fubiz · 2 months ago

Warren and Buttigieg were strong, Biden dithered and Sanders wasn’t at his best.

SleepyJoe · 2 months ago

Buttigieg is an impressive debator, confident, well read, completely on the ball. If only he could attract black votes (Biden’s ace in the pack) he would be a realistic contender. Biden reverted to gibberish at times after having a gaffe free month. Warren and Sanders, only one of whom can challenge Joe for the top prize, are upping the tempo and Warren impressed me most. Sanders came across as dismissive on certain issues, and dare I say a little arrogant. These two hold the key for the left, and a convincing presentation about the actual pricing of their main policy…Medicare for all, will go a long way to one of these guys getting the nod. The other candidates are just there for the ride.