Why is Trump not liked in Britain?



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #CNN · 6 months ago
stablegenius305 · 6 months ago

Trump is not liked in some circles in the
U.K because of the BBC.

CyberWorrier · 6 months ago

You are not wrong there.
On the occasions I have watched the BBC,
it seems to lean very heavily to the left of
politics…it was much more balanced in
recent years, but has become anti Tory,
and snuggles up to the Labour Party.
Trump isn’t portrayed well, as he
doesn’t fit their Liberal agendas.
Trump does leave himself open to
scrutiny in so many ways, the BBC,
like to highlight that, with a few twists.

Fubiz · 6 months ago

Donald Trump’s crude, brash persona,
puts many people’s ‘noses out of joint’.
His friendship with Farage, and to a
much lesser extent, Boris Johnson,
gives the anti Brexit politicians in the
U.K a platform to further their pro E.U
As for the N.H.S, Trump has made it clear
that the U.S have no intention of getting
involved with any deal, Jeremy Corbyn
disputes this, and is using this as one of
his major policy talking points as he
aspires to win the G.E.
Corbyn is not a fan of the U.S.A, he is
constantly questioning the U.S food
standards, the chlorinated chicken,
and has a huge disliking for Trump.
One misconception in this piece, is
the mention of 'Sadiq Khan, ‘popular
major of London’, he is far from being
that, as the murder rate of young people
in London, is unprecedented, and his
links with Islamic terror groups over the
years, has led to much suspicion in his
position as major of London.
Khan is popular with the Corbynites
as they share similar far left policies.
Ironically, it was Barrack Obama who
helped in getting Brexit over the line
in 2016. Obama arrived in London just
prior to the referendum on Brexit, and
warned that the U.K would be at the
‘back of the queue’ for trade deals with
The U.S, should they leave the E.U.