A pandemic was widely expected



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@FireStorm FireStorm · #FactCheck · 19 days ago
truth_hurts · 19 days ago

A pandemic is always a threat. Always has been, always will be.

Youngguari · 18 days ago

And death is always a threat. Always has been, always will be.

It does not mean that we should not do all we can to slow it down and take appropriate measures. Trump was WARNED about this particular pandemic, and it took him almost a month to stop referring to it as a hoax.

truth_hurts · 18 days ago

And he acted first to stop travel from China while being called A xenophobe and racist by the Democrats and liberal media. He also has led the world in his response to this while even Democratic governors are applauding him. Not sure your point other than you are another Trump hater who can’t separate your hate for the man from the actions he takes. You can thank your useless Obama for leaving us with a system that doesn’t work after facing his pandemic in 2009 and not taking it seriously. He had 7 years to prepare this country for another virus after he let 60 million Americans become infected and 12400 die.