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@Pedestrian Pedestrian · #FactCheck · 8 months ago

FY 2017, $410,465,000 State Department, Assistance for Ukraine? FY 2018, $420,700,000 same for Ukraine. Why no investigation into corruption then ? Afghan., corrupt as hell, Pakistan and Honduras the same…no investigations. Why?

LukeBizzare · 8 months ago

Do you seriously believe that Trump was afraid of Biden as his political opponent? I mean, it suffices to listen to one of Biden’s speeches.

Pedestrian · 8 months ago

Seems he surely was for the following FY after he didn’t care at all about the corruption of FY '17 and '18. No, only in 2019 and with Biden was quoted as wanting ‘a favor’ to wit: look into Joe and Hunter Biden.
Why no ‘favor’ in either previous combined $800 million+ in aid from state ? Plus the actual fact that no POTUS ever, has looked into the outlandish corruption in those other countries before they too…took our money.
BTW, trump’s speeches which are much more akin to rants, make Biden practically sound like Churchill.