Schiff lied about the whistleblower





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@gobuddy gobuddy · #FactCheck · 9 months ago
kris · 9 months ago

Schiff never spoke to the whistleblower, the whistleblower, after being obstructed by the White House, reached out to the house oversight committee, which is exactly the proper process.

So move along with your bullshit, or better yet just read the article you submitted which states what I just said.

GardenRose · 9 months ago

He was just trying to defend himself from Trump’s accusations that he was helping the whistleblower write that complaint…so he thought a little white lie would not kill anyone.

magahat · 9 months ago

Can you be pregnant, but just a little? No? The same way you cannot lie a little. Schiff lies when he opens his mouth.

Sarahknowsbest · 9 months ago

Schiff cannot open his mouth without lying.

FireStorm · 9 months ago

The Democrats are salivating in their pursuit of Trump, but ‘Schiffty’ Schiff and co. continue to draw blanks. Schiff, in particular recently ‘interpreted’ a document for his own ends and they are desperate to impeach the ‘Teflon Don’. It would be more entertaining pursuing the Biden boys…that would be be pure theatre.