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Here we go, again! The Democrats in the house of reps. want to continue proxy voting. Again, it is another violation of the government rules and regulations, as well as a Constitutional violation!! The Senate is doing their part by returning to the Senate chamber, to vote on issues, and make policy, legally. What the hell is wrong with Nancy Pelosi and her cronies? Maybe they are just unamerican boobs…

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Look at all of the Democrats failed attempts to remove Donald Trump. They have tried LIES, trickery , and blatent violations of the US Constitution. If our forefathers knew what is going on, they would rise from their graves and strike down every leftist, and socialist democrat, in congress. Talk about draining the “swamp”! We must get rid of Pelosi, Shiff, Shumer, and “the squad”. They are anti-American, self centered boobs, who dont give a hoot about Americans and their welfare. All they want to do is…

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chazman70 · a day ago

Hannity, Limbaugh, Shnitt, etc… are right! Democrats are doomed to their own stupidity.




To read this article and many more forthcoming, one will get the sense, while some will miss the point completely, that change is the operative word. Thinking positively, Plague is good. In the greater perspective, the plague represents an evolutionary shift, similar to an elipse, the arrival/passing of a comet and a massive earthquake occurring along the faul…

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