Floydman62 · a month ago

I care. I can’t stand to see the corruption of the Office of the President. It really bothers me that people are ok with the amount of corruption occurring.

CyberWorrier · a month ago

Nothing strange about this, unlike what Hemmer would like you to believe.
People have mobile phones and social media nowadays, they are not bored for a minute. And back in 1998, impeachment was the only entertainment.

patkgreen · a month ago

The problem is…people prefer to watch two ants fighting, over watching the impeachment.

Absinthe_Mind · a month ago

Americans have been saturated with
this coup attempt from the moment
Trump beat Hillary…in fact it was being
planned before Trump got in the White
Of course we are bored with this
repetitive fiasco…that will lead nowhere
If the crooked Schiff wants to get more
people in front of their tv’s, drag the
Biden’s in for a proper criminal hearing.