Buttigieg catches up with Sanders in New Hapmshire



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@magahat magahat · #Fox · 5 months ago
patkgreen · 5 months ago

I’ve said all along, American voters will not endorse a socialist President. Buttigieg is doing well because Sanders policies and lack of price transparency regarding Medicare are divisive, coupled with his advancing years and ability to do the job over a period of time. Biden has had a horrendous time of it recently, and voters have become unsure about him again because of age, the Ukraine allegations, and his history of talking absolute nonsense. Buttigieg is almost winning by default as the gay Mayor is young, intelligent, polished and more convincing than the rest. Trump will be delighted with how things are going.

LukeBizzare · 5 months ago

Socialism would ruin our great Nation and the DNC know just that.